March 24, 2017

MySign latest Version Update

We are proud to announce our MySign Cloud Digital Signage has been updated with lots of new features and enhanced functionalities.

  • Layouts and Content: Layout Designer improvements, including a new toolbar
  • Layouts and Content: Add audio to Widgets
  • Layouts and Content: Layout Import/Export handles DataSets
  • Layouts and Content: Add some extra fonts as standard
  • Layouts and Content: New Widgets, including Stocks, Currencies, HLS, PDF, Metro Twitter, Google Traffic, Audio
  • Displays: Push messaging
  • Displays: Scheduled and Immediate shell commands
  • Displays: RS232 commands
  • Displays: Dynamic and Nested Display Groups
  • Schedule: Dayparting and “always” schedules
  • Schedule: Agenda View
  • Schedule: Recurring Events without an end date
  • Internationalization: Support for custom date formats
  • Internationalization: Displays in different timezones
  • User and Permissions: Changing ownership of items
  • User and Permissions: SAML support for single sign on
  • User and Permissions: Announcement system